Finished concrete is a great look for many kitchen projects, yet homeowners and contractors alike know that it’s a process that requires knowledge of the best products. Coatings Hub NorCal has locations in San Jose and Jamestown, California, stocked with knowledgeable staff and a range of concrete coatings to finish your kitchen floors.

Try Some Of The Newest Flooring Trends

  • Glittered Concrete Floors & Matte Finishes
  • Protect Smooth Polished Floors For Years To Come
  • Paint Bold Geometric Patterns On Concrete In Smaller Kitchens

Metallic Pigments Help Create Sparkle

Choose from our variety of colorful metallic pigments to add a glittery theme to your kitchen. Imagine the impact of a metallic epoxy resin-treated concrete set against understated matte-finished cabinets on your island. Couple this with a new concrete countertop from the same color palette as the floor. The shimmer of the liquid pigments and epoxy resin are not only beautiful but also protective against moisture and potential spills in your kitchen. There are so many texture options and ideas to see.

Smooth Polish High Gloss For Open Floor Plans

Your architect may choose smooth polished concrete floors in a kitchen-dining space to work well with open plans. What’s cool about this is the subtle reflective quality of the sheen that makes the room look larger when used with neutral-colored walls. These open areas typically endure high foot traffic and require tough, long-lasting polyurethane and urethane coatings. We carry budget-friendly products to help you protect your investment from long-term abrasive scuffing.

Go Bold With Painted Patterns

Paint bold patterns on concrete with the help of epoxy coatings. Conjure up illusions of contrasting tiles with bold geometric designs that could cover very large spaces. This fun finish works just as well for those smaller kitchens where one’s original architecture was a bit quirky, to begin with. Our epoxy products, that seal and coat, are hardy enough for commercial kitchens, yet also cure quickly at low temperatures.

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Coatings Hub NorCal is your one-stop-shop for decorative concrete floor finishes. Whether you’re a DIY property owner or an established contractor, we have the products you need and a knowledgeable team with application tips. If you need equipment for your job, we rent that too. Visit our San Jose or Jamestown, California stores, and we’ll help you get set up.

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