Coatings Hub Norcal in San Jose and Jamestown, CA  offers a variety of self-leveling floor coatings to help you create attractive and durable floors. Installing self-leveling cement overlays and underlays can help you design and finish your flooring job more quickly and inexpensively than pouring traditional concrete – a win-win situation for any project.

Do You Need An Overlay Or An Underlay?

Floor leveling products fall into two general categories – overlays and underlays. As you might expect, underlays are installed on the subfloor but lie underneath the flooring surface, whether tile, laminate, carpet, or hardwood. Cement overlays, on the other hand, will become the final floor surface, which means they need to be both durable and attractive.

Repair Cracked Floors With An Underlay

If you want to restore damaged subflooring, you may be interested in our self-leveling concrete underlay products. We offer a wide range of self-leveling overlay products to help you get your floors back into shape.

  • Acrylic & Vinyl Primers
  • Polishable Self-Levelers
  • Polishable Self-Levelers With Aggregate
  • Flexible Epoxy Topcoats

Why Choose A Self-Leveling Epoxy Floor Coat?

Self-leveling epoxy is very durable and resistant to scratches and dents from impacts. Because self-leveling overlays can be quickly installed before or after construction, they make a cost-effective choice for home and commercial use.

Additional Benefits Of Epoxy Floor Coatings:

  • Resistance To Heat & Chemicals
  • Less Slippery Than Many Other Finishes, Even When Wet
  • Easy To Clean
  • Glossy, Attractive Appearance
  • A Variety Of Color Options
  • Floodproof
  • Hypoallergenic

Don’t Forget The Primer

Whether installing a floor leveling underlay compound or a concrete floor coating, using the correct primer is essential. Our stores carry a variety of acrylic and vinyl primers. Primer increases adhesion and prevents bubbles and pinholes from forming as the concrete or epoxy cures.

Expert Flooring Products & Advice In San Jose, CA

Whether you are an architect, contractor, or DIY property owner, Coatings Hub Norcal has the right floor-leveling product. We also offer equipment rentals to help you get the job done, so give us a call or come in and let our knowledgeable staff help you design beautiful, long-lasting floors that will enhance any building.

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