If you are looking to repair or patch your damaged concrete flooring, Coatings Hub Norcal in San Jose & Jamestown, CA, offers a variety of floor repair, patch, and joint filler materials suitable for both commercial and DIY home use. Even high-quality flooring is subject to wear and tear that may eventually result in scratches and cracks, but with the right product, you can restore your concrete surface to make it appear like new.

Flooring Repair Products For Jobs Big & Small

Although extremely damaged concrete may need to be torn out and replaced, often, it is possible to fix small problem areas with a minimum of effort and time. We carry the most popular types of concrete repair and patch products.

  • Urethane Crack Fillers
  • Epoxy Crack Fillers
  • Cement Patching Materials
  • Resurfacers
  • Floor Patch
  • Chem Grout Kits

Crack Fillers Vs. Cement Patching Materials

The type of cement repair product you choose will depend on the level and area of damage you have. A crack requiring strong structural repair usually calls for an epoxy filler, while a polyurethane crack filler is better used to repair or prevent areas involving water leakage.

If a more substantial area needs fixing, you can use cement patching materials to fill small holes, honeycomb, and spalled areas.

Resurfacers – Bring New Life To Aging Concrete Slabs

There is no need to demolish and replace structurally sound concrete just because of a few surface cracks, discoloring, or minor chipping. A thin coat of high-quality concrete resurfacer can often make your old cement slabs look like new.

Don’t be tempted to save money by resurfacing with ordinary mortar, which does not have the bonding agents and additives required to allow it to adhere to the original surface. Ask about our available variety of resurfacing products and tools.

Why Use Joint Fillers?

Concrete expansion joints allow pads to expand and contract as the temperature and humidity change. By choosing to install a filler, such as semi-rigid, polyurethane, and epoxy joint fillers, you help protect the function and appearance of your concrete slabs before installing floor epoxy coatings.

Floor Coatings For Protection, Beauty, Color & Shine

After repairing your concrete, you may want to apply a new layer of protective coating to add luster and beauty. At Coatings Hub Norcal, we carry many different floor coating products that are durable, easy to clean, and reduce slipperiness.

Check out our selection of decorative polyurethane coatings, epoxy floor coatings, concrete floor coatings, and more.

Flooring Repair Products In San Jose

At Coatings Hub Norcal, we take every flooring repair job seriously. Call us today, or come into our store to browse our selection of top-of-the-line products. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to help you choose the right concrete repair or joint filler product to suit your needs.

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