Coatings Hub Norcal of Jamestown and San Jose, CA has decorative concrete flooring finishes and coatings that will turn your garage or other floors into attractive, eye-catching, functional surfaces. Whether you are a homeowner with a small deck that needs a splash of color, or a contractor fulfilling the needs of a commercial client, we can help tailor a solution to satisfy you.

Call or come into our store to look at sample sheets and talk with our floor coating specialists to learn more about which decorative concrete floor coating meets your unique needs.

Types Of Concrete Floor Finishes

Epoxy floor coatings are a type of concrete overlay that produces beautiful and durable surfaces that are easy to clean yet withstand wear and tear. At Coatings Hub Norcal, we carry a broad range of coating mediums that can suit both your aesthetics and your budget.

Some of our offerings include:

  • Flooring Pigments
  • Flooring Stains
  • Metallic Floor Coat
  • Concrete Aggregates
  • Broadcast Medium For Floors

Epoxy Pigments – Brilliant Color & Shine

Epoxy floor coatings can be applied to virtually any concrete surface. Mixing in epoxy pigments provides dramatic color, light, and shine to your flooring. Our large color selection includes liquid pigments, pearlescent pigments, and liquid metallic pigments, which you can combine in countless combinations to achieve a stunning result.

Decorative Floor Finishes = Low Maintenance

The right concrete floor stain can transform your dull grey concrete into a pretty, yet functional and low maintenance floor. We carry cement stains that provide an earthy, natural-looking appearance, as well as more colorful varieties that give your floors a durable, gemlike appearance that won’t peel or flake.

Metallic Flooring: A Rich, Glittery Look

Liquid metallic pigments added to epoxy resin create an opulent decorative finish that is especially suitable for businesses and offices. Another way to achieve a shimmering metallic-looking floor is via the use of broadcast medium and aggregates such as glitter powder and mica flakes. For more information, call or come into our San Jose location and talk to one of our knowledgeable staff members.

Concrete Aggregates & Broadcast Medium For Texture

In addition to metallic flakes, other types of aggregates and broadcast mediums include paint chips and color flakes. These additions to your wet epoxy flooring result in an attractive, speckled, often stone-like appearance that is both beautiful and easy to maintain. Aluminum oxide is another type of broadcast medium, which imparts a sturdy, anti-slip surface to help prevent falls on wet, slippery surfaces.

Decorative Concrete Floor Finishes In San Jose

We have stocked our San Jose & Jamestown stores with the best selection of decorative concrete floor finishes and coating products in Northern California. We have short and long-term financing options with easy terms and some zero-interest options.

Stop by Coatings Hub Norcal and view our inventory, chat with our specialists, and let us help you find the right products and equipment to get you started on your new flooring project today.

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