When people talk about concrete for homes, most think about stairs, walkways, and driveways. However, stained concrete flooring has been one of the hottest trends in interior home designs in the last couple of years. Staining concrete flooring involves adding color before pouring and curing it into a slab. It often has a sealer applied to the surface to prevent staining, dents, and scratches, which has either a matte or polished, high-gloss appearance.

Advantages of Stained Concrete

Stained concrete can add a wealth of advantages to a home in addition to its good looks. Here are just a few benefits of having this material as your flooring:

  • Color penetration: Since it is mixed in before pouring, the color is distributed throughout and is not prone to fading.
  • Adaptability: Stained concrete is often used as a more economical substitute for other materials and textures, such as marble, brick, or even wood.
  • Minimal maintenance: It’s easy to maintain—it just needs the occasional sweeping and mopping.
  • Durability: Stained concrete lasts for many years when properly maintained.
  • Cost-effective: It’s an affordable material suited for most budgets.

Learn about the unique places where you can place stained concrete in your home.


Kitchens are a popular choice for placing stained concrete flooring, as they lend a polished, clean appearance to the room. Its exceptional durability withstands the large amounts of foot traffic typically occurring in this area. It’s easy to clean and maintain—it can even help hide accidental spills and scuffs from dropped plates, pans, and other objects.


Many choose concrete in the bathroom because of its waterproofing properties. Once a sealer is applied, it can ward off moisture as well as mold and mildew that can stain regular grout and tile. If you’re worried about slippage, the sealer can have polymer grit added to increase traction.

Living Rooms/Great Rooms

Large living spaces can save utility by adding stained concrete as flooring. It can help reflect natural sunlight in dark areas, especially with a high gloss finish. This reflected light can brighten and give a lighter, expanded appearance to dark rooms, which lowers the amount of artificial light that needs to be added to the space.

Laundry Rooms

Another area that experiences a lot of moisture is the laundry room. Stained concrete can be installed with a slight slope toward floor drains in laundry rooms in case of problems with laundry machines. This grading allows the water to flow to the drains to keep laundry rooms dry, saving your wallet from potential water damage.

Foyers and Mudrooms

Foyers and mudrooms are places that can get dirty and muddy very quickly. Shoes can bring in mud, sand, and snow. A beautiful stained concrete floor can make a home feel modern and welcoming while simultaneously cutting down on the amount of cleaning work you’ll need to do.

Discover How Beautiful Concrete Can Be

There are many places where you can install stained concrete. To find out how you can utilize concrete flooring in your own home, come see us at Coatings Hub NorCal, at either our San Jose or Jamestown location. Take advantage of this versatile, cost-effective material and let your imagination run wild!

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