Concrete flooring offers a beautiful surface that is strong and durable. This material can be used throughout your home, including the kitchen, garage, and living room. It may be beneficial to seal your flooring after installation. Learn about the advantages of coating your floors.

Should I Seal My Concrete?

Concrete materials are porous. While unsealed, it offers protective flooring that can withstand a lot of foot traffic and drop items, it can absorb water and liquids that could corrode the surface. Sealing offers another layer of protection for your flooring.

What Is Concrete Sealer?

Concrete sealer is designed to fill up the holes in the flooring surface. This method prevents water and other liquids from entering. The sealant then wards off corrosion, staining, and other damage. There are several types of sealants available.

  • Epoxy or Polyurethane Sealers
  • Acrylic resin based Sealers
  • Siliconates and Silicates Penetrating Sealers
  • Silanes and Siloxanes Penetrating Sealers

You can apply an acrylic or siliconate/silicate penetrating sealer immediately to the concrete once the flooring is in place. Epoxy or silane/siloxane penetrating sealer should be applied after the coating has cured for 28 days.

5 Advantages Of Sealing Concrete

1. Provides Water-resistant Capabilities

The cement fills up the empty spaces by entering the pores. The concrete is too dense for another liquid to penetrate. This will prevent water from entering and causing cracks.

2. Prevents Stains

It is possible for concrete flooring to become stained by other things such as salt, fertilizer, or household chemicals. The sealer provides a seamless protective coating. This coating is ideal in kitchens, garages, work sheds, and other areas that are prone to staining.

3. Prevents Cracks

Water that enters concrete goes through freezing and thaw cycles depending on the temperature. When water freezes, it expands. When the liquid thaws, it contracts. This constant freezing and contracting puts stress on the material and creates cracks that widen. The sealer prevents cracks from forming on the surface.

4. Prolongs The Beauty Of The Flooring

Different sealers provide varying levels of shine to the floor. Other sealers contain coloring agents that can stain the material to the color that you desire. Concrete flooring can enhance the beauty of any room.

5. Adds Non-Slip Properties

For rooms with a lot of moisture or prone to wetness, such as garages, you can use a concrete sealer that contains non-slip additives. These additives can provide traction for foot traffic to lower the risks of slips and falls when the material is wet.

Get the Flooring That You’ll Love

Coatings Hub Norcal offers floor coating products and equipment so you can have the right concrete surface for your home. Visit our two store locations in San Jose and Jamestown. Contact us today to learn more.

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