The onset of spring means cleaning time for millions of people. An age-old tradition with cultural and religious roots, spring cleaning has become an annual rite for many everyday Americans who want to shake off the dust and grime of winter to welcome a fresh, clean season.

Before starting on your yearly scrub-down, consider whether now is the time to replace your worn-out carpets or dingy tiles with easy-to-clean home and commercial flooring options from Coatings Hub Norcal, your San Jose area flooring specialists.

Rethinking The Use Of Carpets

While carpeting has many benefits, it also has a few drawbacks that have many people rethinking their carpet.

  • Carpet has a relatively short lifespan.
  • Carpet is a haven for mold and fungus.
  • Carpet houses invisible dust mites.
  • Carpet holds pet dander, dead skin cells, and other tiny particles.

Before embarking on your spring cleaning regimen, consider whether to rip out your nasty old carpets in favor of an easier-to-clean solution.

The Problems With Wood

Wood is a trendy flooring choice, especially in homes, but wood is prone to problems, just like carpeting.

  • Wood is easily damaged by spills, humidity, and standing liquids.
  • Wood is easily scratched by everyday use.
  • Wood is easily damaged by pests and hidden mold growth.

If you are experiencing issues with your hardwood or laminate flooring, spring cleaning time gives you a perfect opportunity to replace it with a beautiful new polyurethane or epoxy floor.

The Benefits Of Epoxy Finishes

Epoxy finishes can be laid over many different types of subflooring, allowing you to get the look you want while still getting all the benefits of epoxy.

  • Cost-Effective
  • Scratch & Shock Resistant
  • Long-Lasting
  • Water-Resistant
  • Protects Subfloor
  • Easy To Clean & Maintain
  • Beautiful & Customizable

With an epoxy finish, your floors will be easy to clean all year and make spring cleaning next year even easier.

Create A One Of A Kind Look

Coatings Hub Norcal offers a tremendous selection of easy to clean floor coating products suitable just about anywhere, from large commercial settings to small boutiques and even all the rooms in your home. Many coating products allow the addition of aggregate materials and colors to create a floor that mimics tile, wood, stone, or marble flooring without their associated problems.

We’d Love To Talk With You

Our San Jose and Jamestown flooring experts can advise you on your flooring replacement project. Call Coatings Hub Norcal, or come into our store today and let us help you tailor a solution that fits your décor and your budget.

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