Are you tired of your dull gray concrete flooring? If so, you might be wondering what cement flooring remodel method works better, paint or stain. Although there are some situations where you can get away with a coat or two of paint, at Coatings Hub Norcal in San Jose and Jamestown, we generally recommend concrete floor stain as a superior, longer-lasting solution.

You can seal concrete stains with an epoxy topcoat to preserve the look for many years to come.

  • They are faster and easier to apply.
  • They penetrate rather than cover the surface.
  • They dry faster than paint.
  • They don’t chip, peel, or flake.

Paint Is Less Durable Than Stain

It’s certainly possible to paint concrete, but doing so only applies a colorful coat over the surface, rather than penetrating into the floor the way stain does. Even paint designed to bond to the surface is less durable than stain because it can chip and peel, especially when subjected to heavy foot traffic.

Most concrete paint brands recommend reapplying with a fresh coat every few years.

Painting Concrete Can Get Expensive

Painting concrete requires a lot of detailed prep work to ensure the floor is completely dry and grease-free. In many cases, acid etching is required. This tricky process should usually be done by a professional, which means it can significantly increase the project’s cost.

Many paints also require sealants to be applied, further adding to costs.

When Not To Use A Concrete Stain

Although we are huge fans of concrete stains, it would be remiss of us not to point out some issues where you might want to think about alternatives. Really dirty or damaged flooring might not be a good fit for this coating.

  • They don’t cover cracks or hide surface flaws.
  • They are translucent and may not be able to hide discoloration or uneven coloration.
  • They set quickly, so they are less suitable if you want to achieve a patterning effect.

Dyeing To Cover Up Flaws

Dye is an excellent alternative when you are looking to conceal discolored patches in your concrete. Concrete dye is very similar to stain, but it is opaque and easy to apply. Some brands of dye offer a more extensive and vibrant color palette than traditional stains.

Ready To Paint, Stain, Or Dye Your Cement Floors?

Coatings Hub Norcal is the place to come when you are shopping for decorative concrete floor finishes. Whether you want to stick with traditional paint for a low-traffic surface or want to experience the beauty and benefits of concrete stain or dye, we are here to answer your questions.

We have two storefronts conveniently located in San Jose or Jamestown, so please come in or contact us today to learn more and purchase decorative flooring finish products.

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