An increasing number of architects, builders, contractors, and homeowners are choosing polished concrete flooring over tile flooring. Why is it becoming such an attractive option? Coatings Hub NorCal explores the benefits that make it such a decor sensation.

Why Polished Concrete Flooring Is Taking Over

Like other design and architectural elements, flooring has its trends—and polished concrete is currently blossoming. There are several positive aspects that have pushed it to the top of the trend list.

  • Highly Durable Against Wear & Tear
  • Easy To Clean & Maintain
  • Provides A Modern, Contemporary Look
  • May Improve Insulation & Lower Energy Costs
  • Available In A Variety Of Designs & Patterns

Application Is Easier & Less Painstaking To Install Than Tile

Tile flooring is installed using tiles, tile cement, grout, and grout sealers, a single tile at a time. By contrast, polished concrete uses a combination of poured concrete, stains, epoxy, and urethane and is generally poured in a single application. The process of achieving the former is much more streamlined since it doesn’t require the painstaking application of multiple squares.

An Investment That Raises Home Value & Savings Long Term

Polished concrete flooring can be more expensive to install and take more time than tile flooring. Many, however, feel this added expense is outweighed by its durability, ease of maintenance, and energy savings. Some also feel the value it adds to a home is well worth the initial higher costs.

Cleaning & Maintenance Is A Breeze When Compared With Tile

Depending on the material they are made of, tile flooring may need frequent cleaning and polishing. Grout can become dirty and discolored and may need cleaning and resealing. Maintaining polished cement flooring simply takes sweeping, wet mopping, and, of course, taking care of spills. Over time, polished concrete can benefit from resealing, and high-traffic areas may need re-polishing every few years.

Materials & Supplies Needed For Flawless Polished Concrete

Installing and maintaining polished concrete floors can require various specialized materials and maintenance products, which you can find in our store locations. While some regular upkeep is needed, it won’t be as extensive as the upkeep required for repairing and cleaning tile.

Choose Our Experts To Guide You Through The Process

If you are considering installing a polished concrete floor and would benefit from our team’s expert advice, we’re here to help. From assisting with questions on products to decisions on epoxied vs. staining concrete, our knowledgeable team can help you every step of the way. See and feel your options, participate in training sessions, or rent equipment by contacting or visiting Coatings Hub NorCal today at our two locations in Jamestown and San Jose, CA.

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