If you’re considering epoxy flooring in the San Jose or Jamestown, CA, area, it’s essential to understand the value of proper application. You’ll also want to make sure to choose quality products. Here are some of the most common epoxy floor issues as observed by Coatings Hub NorCal and how to solve them.

Bubbles In Your Epoxy Surface Cause Damage

Avoid having bubbles disturb the smooth surface of your concrete floor’s coating. Buffing the surface and applying new epoxy coating often corrects this issue. Blisters and bubbles can come from several causes, but there are a few common reasons.

  • Porous Surfaces
  • Choosing The Incorrect Epoxy Mix
  • Wrong Resin/Hardener Proportions
  • Rushing The Application

Pinholes Cause Problems With Adhesion

Like bubbles, pinholes can cause adhesion problems. Sanding the area and reapplying the coating is the best choice—otherwise, the pinholes can let moisture and other substances get under the coating.

Peeling Poses A Tripping Hazard

Not only can peeling damage the concrete underneath the epoxy, but it can be a tripping hazard. Incorrect temperatures, high humidity levels, or improper surface prep are the culprits. To avoid this, always prep properly, leave a fan running in high heat, and consider a dehumidifier for humid days.

Discoloration Can Make Your Space Look Worn Out

Discoloration can make the surface look like it’s no longer new or clean. A few specific issues can cause discoloration of your epoxy floor.

  • Chemical Exposure
  • UV Exposure
  • Using The Wrong Hardener
  • Waiting Too Long To Apply

Curing Problems Will Stop Your Coating From Hardening

If there are curing problems, the epoxy won’t set correctly, and that can leave it sticky or soft. This could come from poor conditions or an incorrect resin/hardener mix. Replacing the epoxy flooring is necessary to fix the issue.

Delamination Damages Your Concrete Flooring

Delamination involves the separation of the coating from the concrete underneath. When that happens, chemicals and moisture get between the layers and can damage the epoxy or the concrete itself. Resealing can reduce that risk.

Strong Odors Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

Allowing the epoxy to cure and airing out the space before use are both very important odor solutions. While many coatings have minimal odor, they can still be uncomfortable for sensitive people or those with breathing issues.

An Uneven Floor Is A Safety Risk

Epoxy has to be applied carefully in a thin layer. If it’s bumpy or uneven, it becomes a tripping hazard and may not cure fully in thicker spots. The proper application keeps the floor level and safe for walking.

Choose Our Quality Epoxy Flooring Products For Best Results

If you’re in the San Jose or Jamestown, CA areas and need quality epoxy coating products, Coatings Hub NorCal has two stores to serve you. By purchasing quality coating and benefiting from our expert advice, you’ll feel more confident that any floors you coat will look great and stay durable for a long time.

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