Cleaning and maintaining sealed concrete flooring can extend its life and keep it looking great for years. Coatings Hub NorCal invites you to stop by our stores in San Jose & Jamestown, CA, with any questions you may have on keeping your coated flooring looking beautiful as long as possible.

How To Clean Sealed Concrete Floors

Concrete can rejuvenate your garage, commercial space, or home with a fresh, modern vibe. With weekly cleaning and maintenance, you can keep the surface free of dirt and debris and minimize the impacts of stains and defects.

  • Use a soft brush to prevent damage while sweeping the area.
  • Alternately, use a damp mop with a gentle cleaner to prevent pitting or chemically burning the sealant or underlying concrete.
  • Rinse the mop frequently to remove accumulated grime and prevent damage.
  • When you drop your food or beverage, clean the area with a paper towel to avoid hard-to-remove stains.
  • Dry with a dry mop or use fans to remove excess moisture.

Tips For Maintaining Sealed Concrete Floors

Regular maintenance can keep your floor sparkling, while regular inspection detects defects in epoxy flooring that can be fixed before becoming bigger, more expensive issues.

  • Schedule regular inspections.
  • If you notice significant cracks & chips in high-traffic areas, contact us for advice on how to fix the damage.
  • Consider having your floors professionally cleaned & applying new sealant every few years.
  • Take proactive steps to minimize stains, scratches, & wear.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals when using or cleaning your concrete floors.

What To Expect During Maintenance Checks

What happens during a professional maintenance check? A professional concrete contractor can repair or restore heavily damaged floors. They will look for signs of excessive wear, cracks, and stains.

Pro Tips

  • Reapply the sealer within three years to prevent fading.
  • Use felt pads and rugs in high-traffic areas to avoid stains.
  • Remove high heels and other shoes before walking on sealed concrete surfaces.

Maintain Your Concrete Flooring With Our Products & Training Today

At Coatings Hub NorCal, we sell the products you need and rent the necessary equipment to care for your sealed concrete flooring. Use these tips to keep them looking their best in your home or business in San Jose or Jamestown, CA. Come visit us at either location today to discuss the best way to maintain your flooring, benefit from on-site demos, or learn more about the on-site training we offer.

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