High-traffic areas require flooring that is both highly durable and slip-resistant. Plain concrete without some kind of overlay definitely won’t last long. In Northern California, Coatings Hub Norcal has an extensive selection of floor coating products that look great and can stand up to years of abuse in all kinds of heavily-trafficked commercial settings.

How Heavy Foot Traffic Affects Flooring

The more traffic a floor sees, the faster it wears down. Plain concrete, wood, laminates, carpeting, and similar products will develop wear patterns, crack, break, and otherwise deteriorate. As that happens, dirt builds up, water leaks can lead to mold, and bacteria and insects can begin to thrive in dirty, damp gaps.

Poor Flooring Is A Liability Issue

The last thing you need is an employee or customer to slip and fall on a damaged or slippery surface and then file a lawsuit against you. Nor do you want the health department coming after you. You need damage-resistant and slip-proof flooring to protect your business. But what product should you choose?

Self-Leveling Products

Self-leveling underlays and overlays help you save time by eliminating the need to remove old, damaged concrete and pour a new floor. In commercial settings, overlays can be used to cover up old cement after it’s been repaired, creating a durable surface that can be sealed and polished. We carry an assortment of flexible epoxy topcoats, acrylic and vinyl primers, and polishable self-levelers, with or without aggregate.

Epoxy Flooring For High-Traffic Settings

Epoxy concrete coating works exceptionally well in commercial settings. It is incredibly hard-wearing, resistant to chemical and other spills. You can mix epoxy with additives to create slip-resistant surfaces. You can also mix in all kinds of colors and aggregates to create functional and beautiful floors. However, epoxy does take time to cure and requires the underlying cement subfloor to be in excellent condition before applying.

Economical & Durable Urethane & Polyurethane Coatings

Urethane and polyurethane coatings are excellent choices for areas seeing a lot of foot and equipment traffic. This type of flooring product is easy to clean, resists moisture, is long-lasting, and is abrasion-resistant. These qualities make it excellent for use in all kinds of commercial settings, from airplane hangars and garages to prisons, kitchens, schools, and even showrooms. However, you need to apply polyurethane in a very thin layer, which means it may not cover up substrate imperfections unless an epoxy primer is first used.

Add A Sealant For An Extra Level Of Protection

Protecting your floor with a suitable sealer will help it last longer, especially in heavily-trafficked areas. We have sealers that protect against moisture, as well as dust-reduction coatings. Whether you are looking for water-based, solvent-based, or penetrating sealers, we have products to help keep your floor looking great.

Concrete Floor Stains

Although unfinished cement is not a great choice for high-traffic areas, you can use acid-based stains to create a longer-lasting surface great for use in busy commercial settings. An acid stain penetrates the concrete to create an attractive colored surface resistant to UV light. Unlike coatings, since the stain is bonded into the cement, it won’t chip or peel off. However, acid stain comes in a more limited range of colors and must be sealed to protect it from foot traffic.

Are You Ready To Redo Your Floors?

Whether you have a new construction project or are updating the flooring in your existing business, Coatings Hub Norcal has products to suit even your highest traffic areas. Call or visit our San Jose or Jamestown, CA storefronts to explore our selection of floor coatings, materials, and equipment.

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