Do you have old, cracked, and dull concrete floors? By using a concrete overlay, you can restore luster and life to your flooring without replacing it. It consists of a thin layer of cement-based material smoothly installed over your pockmarked, pitted floor. At Coatings Hub NorCal, we can transform your garage, basement, driveway, or other areas into spaces you’ll enjoy using again.

What Is A Concrete Overlay?

An overlay is designed to adhere to your old concrete floor and can mimic the appearance of numerous textures. Add color, patterns, and designs that meet your needs and instantly upgrade your basement or garage. It’s a great option to consider when you want a lasting solution for your indoor and outdoor hardscapes.

How Professionals Achieve Stunning Results

While leaving applications to professionally trained technicians ensures proper installation and durability, we offer training sessions and in-store demos to help you tackle it yourself. These are the basic steps needed to repair your unsightly floors in just a few hours:

  1. Patch large, unsightly cracks and holes.
  2. Apply a densifier to help the coating bond to your existing concrete floor.
  3. A bonding agent gives you an ultra-smooth surface and should be installed before the overlay.
  4. Finally, choose an overlay that meets your needs. For example, a thicker one will help level out dips for added stability and safety.

Discover The Diverse Range Of Concrete Overlay Finishes

You can choose from many different types of finishes if you plan to use a concrete overlay. Below are some of the most popular ones.

  • Flagstone stamping lends flooring a natural stone look with irregular shapes.
  • Cobblestone brings a charming, rustic look.
  • Slate adds an elegant look in shades of gray.
  • Brick finishes match the classic look of brick homes and walkways.
  • Tile stamping is a great alternative for indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Natural stone lends gravity to your driveway or patio and comes in granite, marble, limestone, or travertine patterns.
  • Wood is warm and inviting—you can improve your concrete flooring with this realistic finish.

How Long Will Your Resurfaced Concrete Floor Last?

The duration ranges from about 10-20 years with proper care, depending on the type of coating used and its thickness. Here is a general overview of the lifespan of different types of concrete overlays.

  • Microtoppings: Microtoppings are the thinnest, lasting up to 10 years with proper care.
  • Stamped: Stamped overlays last between 10-15 years.
  • Multipurpose: Multipurpose overlays provide decorative and functional qualities, lasting up to 20 years.
  • Self-leveling: These create a smooth, level finish, and this thick coating lasts up to 20-25 years.

Choose The Best Concrete Overlay Products In California

Looking for concrete overlay products, equipment, or knowledge? At Coatings Hub NorCal, we have numerous floor finishing options. We’ll ensure you choose the right products as we guide you through the process with our expert installation tips. Visit our stores in San Jose or Jamestown, CA, to get started on your great-looking, new concrete floors today.

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