Whether you’re a contractor looking for new finishes for customers or a customer considering the options, it’s helpful to know what kind of cement floor finish works best for the situation. Today, the combination of innovation and creative ingenuity means the liberty to choose from many concrete floor finishes.

From decorative stain to epoxy overlay options, a concrete floor’s finish can take on so many functional and aesthetically appealing attributes. There are several things to think about when choosing the best cement floor finish for your project.

Consider Your Budget

Pinning down your budget is a good place to start when it comes to picking a cement floor finish. Prices can range significantly depending on the materials required—the more complex the finish, the higher the cost can climb. For example, opting for something like a quartz sand epoxy finish or intricate cement overlay in several colors will mean a higher expense.

Evaluate The Size Of The Concrete Floor

When costs for a concrete floor are estimated, the size of the room is used to determine the required materials. The same budgeting rules apply when choosing sealers and finishes. In addition, the overall size and layout of the floor can affect how different finishes look when the work is done. For example, a contemporary acid stain may look best in a space with more visual real estate.

Choose A Color Scheme That Works For The Design

The beauty of decorative concrete is you can pick from different colors to coincide with the overall design of any particular space. A few color options that can be used in a cement floor finish include:

  • Brown, Moss Green, & Other Earth Tones
  • Black, Gray, & Other Neutrals
  • Turquoise, Terracotta, & Other Contemporary Tones

Envision How the Floor Serves the Space

When choosing the best concrete finish, how the floor is used in the given area is something to consider. Depending on the space, certain finishes may be a better fit. For example, an epoxy overlay with particle aggregate can be best for a commercial kitchen or garage. However, a polished finish paired with a decorative marble stain can be perfect for a restaurant or upscale residential living area.

  • How much foot traffic will there be in the area?
  • Will maintaining stable traction with slip resistance be a concern?
  • What kind of activities will take place in the area?

Let Us Help You Find Your Ideal Concrete Floor Finish

Looking for something specific for your cement floor finish? Coatings Hub NorCal makes it easy to track down the best and most popular finishes, floor coatings, stains, sealers, and finishing equipment. Get in touch today or stop by one of our San Jose or Jamestown, CA locations to learn more.

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