There are numerous benefits of epoxy floor coating for home garages, auto shops, car dealerships, and mechanical facilities. This type of coating is durable and can seal your floor, adding durability and protection to highly trafficked areas. Standard paint alone is not enough to protect garage surfaces! This coating is one of the best options if your floors are uncoated and vulnerable to damage.

Epoxy Vs. Other Flooring Options

Flooring is a major concern for garages, auto shops, and dealerships. Heavy equipment and high traffic require surfaces that can withstand abuse. Here are five additional surface solutions that are considered durable. However, of all the choices on this list, Epoxy floor coatings are the most durable.

  • Garage paint
  • Hard tile ceramic.
  • Concrete sealers.
  • Rollout mats.
  • Snap-together tiles.

Rugged & Durable: Epoxy Flooring Lasts For Years

Epoxy floor coating permanently bonds to the concrete base and creates a beautiful, glossy finish that is durable enough to withstand years of foot and vehicle traffic. Whether you install it in your home or in your commercial facility, you may never have to resurface the garage again.

Epoxy Is Easy To Clean

Daily care for your epoxy floor coating requires little more than a quick sweep. There is no need for specialty chemicals or to hire a cleaning company for the job.

  • Sweep up dust
  • Mop dirt using standard surface cleaners
  • Use a tough degreaser on oily spots
  • Pressure wash to save time

Flakes & Finishes Add Traction To Slick Shop Surface

While the epoxy and polyurethane top coat is smooth to the touch, flecks added to the coating give shoes and tires greater traction. See fewer slip-and-falls on wet or greasy surfaces with the installation of this coating.

Epoxy Is Available In Every Possible Color

You can personalize your garage floor to match your company brand or dress up your garage. Choose from hundreds of available finishes or order a custom tint.

  • Metallics can give a stone-like appearance.
  • Full flake broadcast can add traction to slick areas.
  • Design and use color charts to match existing color schemes.
  • Add Striping, Contrasting Colors, and Borders for custom, one-of-a-kind floors.

Epoxy With The Proper Top Coat Is Chemical & Solvent Resistant

Epoxy with the proper top coat can be very resistant to chemicals and staining. Urethanes are used over smooth epoxy to get the substantial coverage and protection that epoxy needs. Aluminum Oxide can also be added to urethanes to give slip resistance. For flake floors and urethane cements, Polyaspartic may be the topcoat of choice, providing a thicker viscosity for a heavier build

Polyaspartic is ideal for these types of projects. In a busy shop, it is not unusual to have oil, grease, acids, and industrial cleaners drip and drop onto the floor. With proper maintenance of floors, these industrial applications are often a top choice for professionals in their respective fields.

Quick Installation

It only takes two to three days to have a new epoxy floor coating installed in your home or business. Have it laid on Saturday morning and ready by the opening of business on Monday.

Top Floor Coating Products At Coatings Hub NorCal

When your floors are subjected to high traffic, heavy weights, harsh chemicals, or other forms of abuse, selecting the right surfacing option can be challenging. Although there are several options available, epoxy floor coatings offer exceptional durability. Visit our Coatings Hub NorCal stores in San Jose, and Jamestown offer trusted products for contractors, architects, and property owners.

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