Terrazzo floor strips are an essential and exciting flooring option that allows an endless combination of visual textures. At Coatings Hub NorCal in San Jose and Jamestown, CA, we carry these dividers to help you create unique and long-lasting floors. There are many ways and reasons to use terrazzo floor strips.

  1. Create Interesting Divided Floor Layouts
  2. Add Aluminum, Brass, Zinc , or Black Accents
  3. Prevent Cracks In Concrete & Terrazzo Flooring
  4. Make Room For Joint Expansion
  5. Create Smoother Flooring Transitions

1. Create Interesting Divided Floor Layouts

Complex patterns, logos, and custom designs can all be precisely placed into your cement or epoxy coating installations with the help of terrazzo floor strips. Mix and match colors or go intricate with your layouts. These thin strip of metal divide up your space into smaller, workable areas.

2. Add Aluminum, Brass, Or Zinc Accents

In addition to being functional, floor divider strips are attractive. You can accent your  design with a variety of metals to match the aesthetic of the project you are working on.

Aluminum divider strips are used mainly with epoxy coatings, while cement terrazzo designs use zinc. Brass is a high-end option that can be used with both epoxy and cement.

What Is The Difference Between Cement & Epoxy Terrazzo?

Benefits Of Cement Terrazzo

  • Able To Withstand Impacts
  • Suited For Heavy Traffic
  • Can Be Steam Cleaned
  • Suitable For Outside Use
  • Beautiful Earthy Tones
  • Can Be Used Where There Is No Active Vapor Barrier

Benefits Of Epoxy Terrazzo

  • Dazzling Array Of Color Combinations
  • Chemical-Resistant
  • Fast-Curing
  • Can Achieve High Levels Of Glossiness
  • Mold & Bacteria Resistant

3. Prevent Cracks In Concrete & Terrazzo Flooring

Like with most building materials, natural changes in temperature can cause concrete and terrazzo materials to expand and contract, eventually leading to unattractive cracks. Divider strips can be used intentionally to create rectangular areas or divide floors into smaller sections that can move with these temperature changes, reducing surface cracking.

4. Make Room For Joint Expansion

In larger, multi-story buildings with big areas of concrete slab, you have to leave room for expansion joints. These intentional spaces between cement slabs don’t have to be an eyesore. You can demarcate the joint area with terrazzo strips and fill in the space.

5. Create Smoother Flooring Transitions

Odds are, your home or business will feature a range of flooring types, from laminate to epoxy to carpet to wood. Divider strips make the transition from cement to carpet or from tile to epoxy easy to see without breaking up the cohesive look of your interior design.

Common Commercial Terrazzo Strip Applications

From intricate logos to visual cues that guide staff and visitors through a warehouse or airport terminal, terrazzo flooring strips can be used in almost any industry.

  • Hospitals & Nursing Homes
  • Schools & Universities
  • Warehouses & Stores
  • Airports & Transportation Centers
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Museums & Theaters

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Are you ready to get started on your cement or epoxy terrazzo floor project? Visit Coatings Hub NorCal in San Jose and Jamestown today. We have everything you need, from cement and epoxy products, dividing strips, tools for rent or purchase, and more. If the item you want isn’t in stock, we can make special orders, so don’t hesitate to call or come in today.

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