Your floor design possibilities are limitless when incorporating terrazzo divider strips from Coatings Hub Norcal of San Jose and Jamestown, CA. Divider strips for concrete floors come in a range of materials and allow you to create unique and beautiful designs, whether you wish to integrate intricate geometric patterns, artistic creations, logos, or even your store’s name directly into your flooring.

  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Zinc Alloy
  • Brass
  • Plastic

Aluminum Divider Strips

Lightweight aluminum is an extremely popular addition to epoxy terrazzo designs. They are inexpensive and can be sourced with recycled content, making them “greener” than other options. They also work well in geometric and linear pattern designs and can be bent and polished without much effort.

Zinc Alloy Dividers

Zinc divider strips are similar in color and appearance to aluminum, but are quite a bit more expensive. They work very well in concrete terrazzo installations but are less frequently employed in epoxy designs, which have become the most popular medium for terrazzo floors.

Zinc strips are harder to cut than aluminum and are more difficult to install because they come in two-piece strips rather than one piece like aluminum.

Brass Terrazzo Flooring Strips

Like zinc, brass dividers come in two pieces. Because it is an alloy of copper and zinc, brass is exceptionally durable. It is a more expensive, luxury material best suited for high-end installations.

When used with light epoxy colors, brass can sometimes take on a bluish cast, so it’s best to double-check with the terrazzo manufacturer to see if their product is compatible with brass strips.

Plastic Dividers

Plastic terrazzo divider strips are available in black, white, clear, and a wide range of other hues which allows maximum flexibility when designing a multicolor floor. If you want a minimalist effect, you can use the same shade of strip next to an epoxy color so that they blend almost seamlessly; this makes each strip practically disappear.

Plastic dividers can be easily bent and curved yet are just as durable as their metallic counterparts.

Terrazzo Flooring In Northern California?

Call or visit Coatings Hub Norcal in San Jose and Jamestown, CA, to discuss your terrazzo floor design and determine which type of flooring divider is best for your upcoming project. We specialize in helping our customers achieve fantastic-looking decorative concrete floors.

If we don’t have the kind of flooring strip you desire in stock, we can order directly from manufacturers, so don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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