When it comes to installing epoxy flooring or staining concrete, Coatings Hub Norcal in Jamestown and San Jose, CA has all the supplies you need. We offer a wide range of flooring applications and care supplies for sale or rent. We also carry grinding and polishing equipment for sale, rent, or lease.

Do You Have Everything You Need?

You probably spent a lot of time deciding what kind of floor finish to install. Now that you’ve settled on epoxy or concrete stain, it’s time to focus on preparation. Here are twelve categories of materials you may need to consider in order to get your new floor looking great and ready for walking on.

  • Trowels & Squeegees. These are essential for certain concrete and floor coating applications. Epoxy coatings should be squeegeed and back rolled for proper and even coverage. Check out our variety and make sure you get the right tools for the job.
  • Mixing Supplies. We carry many sizes of mixing buckets and containers – Pelican carts, Hippo mixers, plunge and tornado mixers, and mixing paddles.
  • Paint Brushes. You might be surprised to see these listed, but our chip brushes help you fill in and edge small areas of your epoxy installation. They are also great for applying primer on base when installing flake floors.
  • Roller Covers & Handles. We have 3/8’s and 1/4 inch roller covers from Wooster for epoxy and adhesive applications, as well as handles and extensions to help you reach larger areas and work more efficiently.
  • Sprayers. We carry a wide variety of Smith sprayers including acetone sprayers to help apply a fine mist of acetone or denatured alcohol over your new epoxy to pop air bubbles as well as flatten out the surface. Sprayers are also used for our stains, sealers, primers, and polishing compounds.
  • Microfiber Supplies. Choose from a selection of microfiber mops and pads, great for cleaning your new hard floor surface.
  • Longopac. This bag system is efficient and simple. These Bags attach to any vacuum or dust collector that uses the Longopac system and greatly simplifies concrete dust disposal.
  • Rags, Gloves & Tape. Don’t forget rags for general cleanup, disposable gloves to protect your hands, and tape to mark off sections or protect walls.
  • Spiked Shoes. We carry Shoe In spike shoes that help elevate you off the substrate. Spiked shoes are excellent for epoxy, self-levelers, and cementitious overlays.
  • Moisture Testing Kits. Our anhydrous calcium chloride test kits are for testing the concrete slab prior to installation to calculate hydro-static pressure and determine whether you need Moisture Vapor Barrier to protect your product from the effects.
  • Acetone & Solvents. These chemicals help clean up and remove misapplied areas of epoxy. You can also apply a fine mist of acetone by using a sprayer; this assists with bubble removal and helps smooth out the surface.
  • Floor Protection. Keep the rest of your floor clean and protected with a floor shield such as our very own MVP Floor Shield ™ Fiber Roll.

Shop Floor Supplies In San Jose & Jamestown

Not sure if you have everything you need to get your new floor installed? Our staff here at Coatings Hub Norcal are happy to point you in the right direction. We have an extensive selection of supplies in our Jamestown and San Jose storefronts, so call or come on in today.

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