Coatings Hub Norcal is San Jose and Jamestown, California source for these six essential concrete flooring installation and repair tools. No matter your flooring project’s size, using the correct equipment is crucial to getting the job done right. We have a variety of options for flooring tool purchase and rent.

Get The Grit On Grinders

Do you need to remove old floor coatings, dirt, glue, and other imperfections? Perhaps your floor needs leveling, or the surface requires prepping for epoxy floor paint, concrete stain, and other durable concrete coatings. Coatings Hub Norcal has a wide variety of grinders to suit every project, from small 14″ models to massive 54″ grinders suitable for large commercial projects.

Grindstone Floor GrindersDiamond Tooling Makes Hard Work Easy

Diamonds are among the hardest substances on earth, and diamond tools, such as the disks used with concrete grinders, are much more durable than other conventional abrasives like corundum and silicon carbide. Our array of industrial diamond coated tooling products will make short work as you prep for the smooth, polished floor of your dreams.

Maintaining A Polished Shine

Once your floor is ground down and finished with epoxy floor coating or another durable, shiny finish, you may need to polish it upon occasion. Renting or purchasing a floor polisher from Coatings Hub Norcal will enable you to keep your floor looking fantastic for years to come.

Alternatively, you may consider a slow buffing machine or a high-speed burnisher, depending on what type of floor you have; we can make recommendations if you are unsure what polishing device will best suit your needs.

Does Your Floor Need A Good Scrubbing?

More powerful and functional than simple shop vacs, floor scrubbers are ideal for cleaning concrete, coated concrete, tile, and vinyl covered floors. Highly pressurized scrubbing brushes take all the effort out of removing stubborn grease and grime, and like a shop vac, these machines vacuum the cleaning solution back up, to leave the floor virtually dry.

Diamond Vantage VacuumDon’t Forget to Scrub Your Air, Too

Blasting, grinding, and polishing a floor can create airborne dust and particles that can cause lung damage when inhaled. Minimize environmental hazards and protect your flooring crew with an industrial dustless vacuum from Coatings Hub Norcal. Pair that with a portable HEPA air scrubber, and your clients and flooring installation team will thank you.

Tools For Every Flooring Project

Whether you are replacing a household floor or managing a large commercial construction project, Coatings Hub Norcal has flooring tools to get the job done. We also carry a vast variety of epoxy floor finish and concrete sealer products. Give us a call or stop by our San Jose or Jamestown store to purchase or rent your essential flooring tools today.

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